Shelf Companies

Available Shelf Companies: Updated 3rd June 2024 15:50pm

All Shelf Companies listed below are ready for immediate purchase. When you purchase a shelf company, it ‘comes with’ its own name. You can change this name via standard company name change process.

For an extensive list of all shelf companies available, please contact us.

Shelf Company POA
Part Company Name Date of Incorporation
Gelwell 21 March 2024
Splendour 15 April 2024
Tempest 15 April 2024
Skycentre 15 May 2024
Localist 31 May 2024
Jazzamore 31 May 2024
Sparkup 31 May 2024
Springrain 31 May 2024

Please email our office contact us for more information or call the office on 1800 799 666.