Pedigree Trust

A Pedigree Trust is a type of discretionary trust that endeavors to ensure that the property of the trust will remain within a particular family, perhaps as defined by direct (i.e. blood) relationship to a particular individual.

Although such trusts are often set up in an attempt to protect the trust assets in the case of marriage breakdown, they can also be useful in other situations where the principal setting up the trust wants to ensure that the benefit of the trust property will remain with his or her immediate family.

The online Pedigree Trust order form captures all of the required information to setup the trust structure.  The smart forms help guide the user through the process to ensure the Settlor, Beneficiary/s and Appointor reflect the requirements of the client.

Our staff are always available to discuss aspects of the structure which are unclear or how our deed operates.

Clients will receive an electronic copy of the deed and supporting documents in addition we can stamp deeds for your jurisdiction.

Stamping Service for NSW and Victoria

We can arrange to have the trust deeds stamped in VIC and NSW with the applicable stamp duty for a fee + Duty.

Pedigree Trust documentation will be prepared in accordance with the order form and will usually include:

  • Trust Deed
  • Trust Guide
  • Trustee Resolutions
  • Stamp Duty Info and stamping checklist

You will receive electronic and optional hard copies of the documents

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