Change of SMSF Trustee

You can conveniently update fund members and trustees using our online service. If the fund is not already operating under our rules, we will need to update the old deed with an updated SMSF deed. Updating deeds from other providers can create issues, changing trustees is a simple process once the deed is updated.

For bulk updates please call our office, where deeds are predominately from the same supplier we can save time on the review and pass this saving on.

We will review your deed and generate SMSF documents to upgrade an existing trust deed of a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) to comply with the current superannuation and taxation laws, then prepare the change of trustee documentation

The documentation to update the deed will be prepared in accordance with the rules as set out in the original fund deed, they will usually include:

  • New SMSF Deed (when requested)
  • Deed of variation
  • Resolution and minutes for the Trustee/s to accept the changes
  • Binding Death Benefit Nomination template
  • Notice to Members
  • Resolution of the Directors of the Trustee
  • Resolution of the Trustee/s
  • Product Disclosure Statement

You will receive electronic with optional hard copies of the documents.

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