About Us

Established in 2001, InterPrac, Docscentre, and in 2021 Constitute, specialise in assisting advisers to help their clients.

As the legal structures specialist for its adviser network, Constitute provides state of the art companies, trusts and superfund products and services exclusive to the advice market.

Widely regarded as a leader amongst document and technology platform providers, Docscentre has evolved in line with ever changing client needs, and now provides over 30 individual specialist corporate products and services.

Our mission is to provide the discerning adviser with the very best in document preparation. We work with an Incorporated Legal Practice to protect your practice from legal risk.

We pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients through great communication, and delivering excellent results and customer service.

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Constitute is managed by InterPrac Ltd and is 100% owned by Docscentre Pty Ltd.