Sequoia Financial Group Ltd.

Sequoia (SEQ) is an ASX listed Australian Public Company servicing the nationwide advice industry. With offices in Melbourne, Bendigo, Sydney, Brisbane, Goldcoast and Perth, we can assist locally in any timezone.

The Sequoia group is made up of a number AFSLs including Financial Planning, Securities and Options trading, ASX Clearing, General Advice and General Insurance. Under the umbrella of service to the advice industry we developed offerings for thew advice market including legal documents and SMSF administration.


InterPrac helps local accountants and financial planners deliver financial planning, insurance, finance, administration and technical support for their practice. Founded in 2001, InterPrac has grown to become a leader in the Finance Industry, with a wide range of services and products, this enables your business to grow by expanding the integrated and practical financial services you can offer to your clients.

InterPrac’s vision is to become the first option to local and independently minded accountants and financial planners seeking professional and reliable financial service advice.

SMSF Engine

SMSF Engine provides a low cost, high quality, efficient and accurate back office administration and compliance service for accountants. With services including SMSF Administration, Audit, Actuarial, Consulting and Property Valuations, they can take care of the administration and compliance requirements, while you focus on providing value added services and building relationships with your clients.

Australian Business Structures Pty Ltd (ABS)

ABS is a local law firm specialising in establishing tax structures for accountants and their clients. Simply worded tax structures with powerful clauses allow for deeds to be able to handle a broad range of opportunities available to taxpayers.

Specialist knowledge of company, trust and superannuation law along with practical knowledge of the tax system and how to create agility and compliance in the same place.

Docsentre Pty Ltd

Docscentre is the pre-eminent white label technology solution that allows our business to provide branded legal documents to our clients. With a vast array of legal documents available, our network can benefit from the technology platform connected directly to ASIC, ATO and various technology partners to ensure the business of establishing and managing legal structures is efficient and secure.