Constitute offers our clients access to a wide array of high-quality trusts,
all with flexible deed arrangements.

Trust Deeds

We offer a range of superior quality Trusts, all of which have flexible deed arrangements, have been drafted by in-house tax and externally peer reviewed. The deeds are written in plain, easy to understand language and each deed comes with an explanatory guide to help your client.

More information about all our trusts can be found in our guides on the right hand side of the page.

Discretionary Trust

A Discretionary trust, sometimes called a “family trust”, is generally a document conveying title to trust property to the trustee and setting out the purpose for which a trust has been formed, the rights and obligations of the trustee, of the trust’s manager and of the trust’s beneficiaries. The trust deed imparts the rules within which the trust must operate, dictates its investment guidelines, and describes how benefits will accrue to the beneficiaries under the trust.

Pedigree Trust

A Pedigree Trust is a type of discretionary trust that endeavours to ensure that the property of the trust will remain within a particular family, perhaps as defined by direct (i.e. blood) relationship to a particular individual.

Although such trusts are often set up in an attempt to protect the trust assets in the case of marriage breakdown, they can also be useful in other situations where the principal setting up the trust wants to ensure that the benefit of the trust property, will remain with his or her immediate family.

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Child Maintenance Trusts

A Child Maintenance Trust (or ‘CMT’) is a form of trust, established as a result of family breakdown and put in place where there is an obligation to provide maintenance for the child, with restrictions in relation to how the capital of the trust (i.e. the trust assets) can be distributed. Our CMT takes the form of a discretionary trust.

Unit Trusts (ordinary, fixed & non-geared)

A unit trust is a trust in which the trust property is divided into a number of defined shares, called units. The beneficiaries subscribe for the units in much the same way as
shareholders in a company subscribe for shares. The assets of the trust are held by the trustee on trust for the unitholders, who generally are entitled to the capital and income
of the trust fund in proportion to their holding of units.

We offer the following unit trusts: standard Unit Trust, Non-Geared Unit Trust, Fixed Unit Trust (for Income) and Fixed Unit Trust for NSW Land Tax.