Constitute helps trustees and advisers fulfill the regulatory requirements of
running a self-managed super fund

Setting up an SMSF

We offer a comprehensive and professional online establishment of new funds through our online system. Users are guided through the process, providing options available to speed up the process and reduce errors. Users can set up a corporate trustee at the same time as their SMSF establishment, ensuring the director and member details match.

We provide a register containing all necessary minutes and our own up-to-date deed. The documents will be stored online for you to access at any time, with the option to receive hard copies bound and delivered in a professional register for a nominal fee.

Deeds & Documents
  • Fund deed
  • Deed of Establishment
  • Death Benefit Notices
  • Application for Membership (to the fund)
  • Consent to act as a Trustee
  • Resolution- Acceptance of Role as Trustee
  • Resolution – Acceptance of New Members
  • Trustee Declaration/s
  • SMSF Investment Objectives and Considerations
  • Product Disclosure Statement
Additional Documents
  • Explanatory letter
  • Death Benefit Notices
  • Notice of Compliance (sample)
  • SMSF Investment Objectives and Considerations
  • SMSF Documentation Summary
  • Key messages for trustees

SMSFs with Constitute save you time & money

Variations to SMSFs

We provide a service to make a range of variations to SMSFs deeds and structures. This service is overseen by qualified lawyers to ensure that changes are made properly. In respect to a deed update, our team checks the last deed, as provided in the portal. If advisers feel that prior deeds require a thorough review, we will refer clients onto a suitable solicitor who can check all versions and situations carefully.