SMSF Compliance Kits

We have arranged a range of Compliance Kits to assist advisers solve complex problems with their clients SMSFs.

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Pension Commutation (Full or Partial, including to fall within the transfer balance cap)

Fully or partially commute an ABP or TRIS (includes option of cashing lump sum asset(s) in specie).

Contains guidance and template documentation to terminate a pension and roll the resulting lump sum back into the fund. Outlines each stage of the roll-back process and the relevant steps that need to be taken.


SMSF to SMSF Roll-Over Kit

Contains guidance and template documentation to roll-over a lump sum from one SMSF to another.


Lump Sum Kit

Contains guidance and template documentation on the payment of a lump sum.
A checklist outlines each stage of the process and the relevant steps.


Investment Strategy Kit

Contains guidance and template documentation with a practical, comprehensive explanation of how to draft investment strategies for SMSFs.

This kit should be used when the investment strategy of an SMSF is being formulated or reviewed.


Contribution Reserving Kit

Contains guidance and template documentation on how to establish and maintain contribution reserves.  It also outlines the benefits and risks associated with contribution reserving.

Detailed memo outlining the features of contribution reserving, the requirements for relevant parties (SMSF trustees, SMSF members and employers) and the ATO’s recent views.


Trustee Compliance Kit

Contains guidance and template documentation on how to record trustee resolutions and minute keeping.

These minutes relate to numerous changes that may occur to an SMSF including admitting a new member, retiring a member, and acquiring a new asset.
The format of different resolutions, such as circulating resolutions (where there is no need for a meeting), meeting minutes, sole director record of decisions, etc, are included in this kit.

The kit is also very handy for advisers whom wish to draft resolutions on behalf of their SMSF clients.


SMSF Materials Database

This is a practical research tool for all SMSF advisers. It is a detailed database of relevant SMSF material.

A comprehensive resource for anyone who needs to quickly access SMSF related material and has hyperlinks to the materials on the web. Designed around an easily navigable Excel format, this is a practical source of information and is updated each 1 September. This product is purchased as a once-off licence.


SMSF AFSL Advisers Kit

The Kit is intended for use by advisers (particularly accountants) who do not hold their own AFSL or are not an authorised representative of an AFSL holder; or have an AFSL but provide services (eg, via an accounting firm) that are not covered by an AFSL.

The documents that comprise the Kit have been prepared to allow options and tailoring to each adviser’s specific circumstances, business model and structure.


SMSF Auditor’s Kit

This kit contains practical guidance on many important recent legal developments for auditors in the SMSF industry.

This kit also includes suggested template wording to include in the auditor’s key documents, such as limitation of scope and disclaimers that can be included in an auditor’s engagement letter.


New SMSF withheld from Super Fund Lookup Kit

This kit is designed to assist where a newly established SMSF’s details are withheld from the Super Fund Look Up register.