Change of Partners/Partnership Variation

We can prepare simple variations to a partnership agreement or simple changes in partners and/or partnership interests in a partnership established by Constitute

All partners must have consented to the change and the applicable procedures as set out in the relevant partnership agreement must have been followed (or can be waived or varied by the unanimous consent of the partners).

Our in-house legal team will prepare the documents in accordance with your instructions, provided that the partnership agreement was supplied by Constitute .

We offer this service using our standard PDF forms. Please complete, scan and email the form and copy of the executed agreement to

Note: Changes in partnership interests involving more complex procedures (including pre-emptive rights) may result in unintended consequences, and you should obtain external legal advice in order to make the change.

Our in house legal team will prepare the documents based on your instructions. If varying the agreement, we will only include the wording in the variation agreement that we are specifically instructed to include. Therefore, for comprehensive changes, we strongly advise that you consult with an expert lawyer to draft a variation agreement suitable for your purposes. If a New company will be a new Partner, you’ll need to order that online first.

The Change of Partner and/or Partnership Interest or Variation documentation will be prepared in accordance with the change and will usually include:

  • Partners resolution – Admission/Retirement of Partner (if applicable)
  • Application to be admitted to Partnership (if applicable)
  • Notice of Retirement from Partnership (if applicable)
  • Partnership Variation Agreement (if applicable)

You will receive electronic copies of the documents.